About Us

  T&TIS has the following businesses as an operator of unfolding the TIS technology.

  1. Introducing the TIS technology.
  2. Introducing the SMARTRA system.
  3. Operating the SMARTRA system.
  4. Selling, setting up and maintaining the SMARTRA components.
  5. Renting the SMARTRA advertisement spaces.
  6. Providing a business consultancy, including the promotion and marketing which use the SMARTRA system.
  7. Licensing the TIS Technology.

 The travel of a human or material by aircraft, train, ship, car or walking is seen at every place in the world.  The transportation is always being operated with a deviation from a schedule.  To adapt to the deviation, a traveler or recipient of a parcel makes a spare time, arranges his/her schedule or has a waiting time.

 The TIS technology supports them in reducing the futile time during their travel and in traveling on schedule.  It also supports the travelers in a timely or special consumption, e.g., purchasing economical service or goods in a timely manner or being provided with a special service at a shop or boutique, at or on the way to the destination.

 The SMARTRA system was created as an economical embodiment of the TIS technology.  Travelers, transportation industry, cargo industry, travel industry, retailers, restaurants/bars, medical services, beauty salons/barbers and public services in the globe can use it.  Travelers would be able to realize efficient travel and valuable shopping while businesses would be able to more promote their sales, attract their customers, increase accessibility and improve their brand image.

 Corporate Data

Company NameT&TIS, INC.
Office Location4, Urikura, Kisarazu-shi, Chiba, 2920007 Japan
EstablishmentMarch 6th, 2013
PresidentKoichi Yano
Main BankMUFG Bank, Ltd. (former name: The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.)
ShareholderThe Aqua Enterprise Company

– Bus:
take a highway bus from the Tokyo Station for Kisarazu, Kimitsu, Awa-kamogawa or Katsuura. → Get off at Kisarazu-kaneda Bus Terminal. → Walk for 2 minutes.

– Train:
take JR Uchibo Line and get off at Sodegaura Station. → Transfer to a local bus going to Kisarazu/Iwane Station and get off at the Kaneda Nakajima bus stop. → Walk for 3 minutes.

– Car:
exit from the Aqua Line express way at Kisarazu-kaneda I.C. → Drive for a minute from the I.C.