Definition of personal information

In this privacy policy, “personal information” refers to the “personal information” stipulated by the law concerning the protection of personal information and the passwords related to the use of our services.

Acquisition of personal information

We will properly acquire the personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use, and will not acquire it by using fraudulent means.

About access analysis tool

This site uses Google Analytics to understand the usage status of the homepage. We use cookies provided by Google Analytics, but we have not obtained any personally identifiable information from Google Analytics.
The data collected by using Google Analytics is managed in accordance with Google’s privacy policy. Please check the Google Analytics website for the terms of use and privacy policy of Google Analytics.

Purpose of use

We will use the acquired personal information for the following purposes.

  • Notification of information regarding product shipments, related after-sales services, new product services and other sales and marketing activities in our services
  • Responding to inquiries regarding our services
  • Notification of changes in terms and conditions related to our services
  • Purposes other than above which are judged to be necessary in normal business activities

Provision of personal information for a third party

We will share personal information with our partner(s) and not provide it for the organization/person, including those outside Japan, other than the partner(s) without the prior consent from the user, unless otherwise stipulated by law.

Disclosure, correction, suspension of use, and deletion

When a user requests the disclosure, correction, suspension of use, or deletion of the personal information, we will prosecute it without delay after confirming the identity of the user, unless otherwise stipulated by law.


We will change this privacy policy as necessary. When we change this privacy policy, we will display about it on our website.

For more information

For inquiries regarding the usage of the personal information, please contact either of the followings.
Phone number: +81-438-41-0120
Click here for inquiry

[Established on December 31, 2020]