Service & Goods

We provide customers with a variety of services or goods so that they can obtain benefit from using the TIS, travel information service, technology.


We sell the inexpensive components of the SMARTRA system in order for customers to use SMARTRA for free.  They need to setup, register, maintain and upgrade the components by themselves.


SMARTRA Tag is an easy and inexpensive checkpoint device.  Customers can put it on a place such as their entrance, exit or cash desk so that it can work as a checkpoint checking the departure, passage or arrival of a traveler.

Rendezvous Display System

Rendezvous Display System is an inexpensive screen system in order for a customer to use his store, his office or a space of his facility for a rendezvous place of travelers.  By doing so, he can gather more travelers and increase accessibility; namely, he can increase his sales revenue.


E-Gate is a checkpoint in case a customer needs to check both departure, passage or arrival and entry or exit of travelers at the same time.  It can simultaneously work as a SMARTRA checkpoint and a check machine for recording the entry or exit of a passenger.


Setup, registration, maintenance and upgrade of the SMARTRA system components

Customers can have a SMARTRA checkpoint and rendezvous place easily and inexpensively.

When setting up the SMARTRA checkpoint or rendezvous place, you need to set up SMARTRA components appropriately.  Because the components are set at a place always used by the general public, you need to set up, register, maintain or upgrade them in a limited time.  Therefore, a one-stop work collectively managed by a technical staff is required.  Given the use condition of those components, our technical staff provides a one-stop service, attempting to dissolve your inconvenience, disadvantage or anxiety.

Renting SMARTRA Ad. Space <An Innovative Advertisement>

SMARTRA sends customer’s advertisement to a target traveler based on the predicted departure, passage or arrival time and place of the traveler.  Because it uses time information, in addition to place information, for sending the advertisement, the traveler can plan a timely schedule to shop efficiently and economically at and on the way to his/her destination.

Licensing TIS Technology <Licensing Patent Technology>

We provide a license service of the TIS technology, including the technology used in the SMARTRA system.